wine-on-tap is a revolution


United States and europe have adopted wine-on-tap long ago. Versay innovates by bringing quality privates imports to the wine-on-tap systems. 

the VERSAY quality

The Versay Quality means premium quality wines, end of story. That's why Versay offers the appellations and the vintages that your customers love. It's also why Versay keeps a dynamic wine list, adapted to our seasons with the grape varieties that the clients are looking for.

Our oenologists visit each winemaker to ensure the quality of the wine all along the process. Versay chooses each wine with the belief that it will be the best quality/price ratio on the market. It's with our long relationships with producers all over the world that Versay is able to provide quality wines constantly.  



No bottles, no corks and no cardboard cases. 

At Versay, we love recycling but we prefer we prefer not to have to. Give your recycling bin a break, and help the planet at the mean time.

Wine-On-Tap has an ecological footprint that is 96% lower than the use of bottle. Why? Because it's imported in bulk and is packaged into reusable, stainless steal kegs that keeps the wine fresh from first to last glass. 


Reduce your ecological footprint by 96% with Wine-On-Tap. 

More for your dollar

Buying Wine-On-Tap is also wanting more out of every dollar. At Versay, your money all goes into the wine rather than the packaging. No bottles, labels and cork... Only good wine at good price.  

Wine-On-Tap is the most efficient way to serve wine by the glass. Wine is always fresh since it's never in contact with oxygen. When a glass is poured, the wine is replaced with an inert gas inside the keg that prevents the wine from oxidation.  That allows the wine to stay fresh from the first to the last glass, up to 3 months after the keg was tapped. 


Wine by the glass program represents 15% loss on average for the restaurant